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All about attestation for working in Dubai!

Attestation services is one of the important aspects especially when it comes to documents or certificates. It is believed that upon attesting your certificates your document becomes valid or genuine. Attestation services providers are more in numbers. When you give the documents or certificates for attestation you need to ensure that you give the certificates to the right company.

Attestation Services in UAE – When you travel to UAE especially in search for job there are few points which you need to keep in mind. Some of the key points are listed below-

  • Carry all the Education certificates.
  • Ensure certificates are attested.
  • Have good CV’s prepared and kept in hand.
  • Understand the companies which offers job opportunities.
  • Before you travel find a place to stay in Dubai (access to metro will be an advantage)

Above are some of the aspects which you need to consider when you travel to UAE for search for job.  Let’s understand more about ‘’Ensure Certificates are attested’’

When you travel to UAE for search for job ensure that your documents are attested if not you can contact attestation expertise at  +971 555484678 when you are in UAE. Attestation needs to be done on your highest qualified certificate. Attestation is a process of verifying a document so that your employee can accept your qualification in smile. Not only your employer but when processing your VISA application, you need to submit your attested documents.

Attestation On Time a licensed company in UAE can help you in providing attestation services from all across the globe.

Attestation Process – Attestation is a lengthy and complicated process. Attestation process will be shared with you upon receiving the scan copy of your certificates. Our experts verify your certificates and will update you on what process needs to be followed.

Documents required for Attestation Services – Usually Embassy authorities will be needing your original document and passport copy. If additional documents are required attestation staffs will be contacting, you when processing your documents.

Attestation Tracking Facilities – UAE Attestation Help providing you tracking facilities when you submit your documents for Attestation. You will be given a unique tracking number for tracking your attestation updates.

Attestation validity – UAE Attestation does not have any validity its considered as lifelong attestation. Once you get your documents attested it can be used all over UAE.

Attestation Services in UAE and outside UAE can be sorted out with the help of our attestation experts. All you need to do is contact our friendly customer care team at +971 555484678 / +97142955338 or write us at

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