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Brazil Certificate Attestation

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Short notice, last minute Attestation requirements you are most welcome!

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Bazil Document Attestation

The UAE which is a federation of 7 Emirates, is a preferable country for expats to immigrate owing to job and business opportunities. UAE has stringent and pre-defined requirements and procedures for certificates/documents attestation. We “Attestation On Time” provides certificate Attestation and Apostille service for all Brazil issued Education, Personal and Commercial certificates. It is important to know the exact procedure and salient points before attempting to get a certificate attested from the UAE Embassy in Brazil.


Attesting Brazil Documents for the UAE-

UAE is not a part of Hague Convention Country hence we need to follow legalization process and not Apostille process. Common documents which requires Attestation would be Birth, Marriage , School Diploma, and Degree Certificates.

• The Embassy attests and authenticates the seal and stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and or the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.
• Thus, the standard seal of the entities above will be required for the Embassy to certify the documents (each document must have a seal).
• All export documents (commercial invoices, certificates of origin, halal slaughter certificates and sanitary certificates etc.) must be legalized by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce before being brought to the Embassy. Other documents such as power of attorney and certificates of all types must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before being presented to the Embassy.
• Original - All school, academic, birth, death, marriage, etc. certificates must be translated into Arabic or English by a certified translator and must have a recognized translator's signature. The MOFA stamp should be included.
• Translation - The translation must be glued to the original so that the seal is stamped on both papers. The MOFA stamp should be included.
• Afterwards, the original translation must be forwarded to the MOFA, so that both can be legalized together in the MOFA (the translation and the original).
• After MOFA, forward to the Embassy so that they can be legalized (both the translation and the original).
• The Embassy will charge by MOFA stamp.
• Final setp would be Ministry of Foreign Affairs from UAE

Complete attestation can be done from our end. All you need to do is call us clarify all your queries we collect your documents process it and we deliver it. Giving you peace of mind.

Brazil Certificate Attestation FAQ

How much will it cost ?

This will depend on the document being certified and exactly what we are supposed to do. Our experts will be happy to discuss this with you prior to your appointment (please note it will often be necessary to see the document scan in advance in order to provide an accurate fee estimate).

Where do you provide your services ?

We will come to you at a place that is convenient for you. This can be your home or office, a restaurant, or even coffee shops. We collect your documents process it and we deliver it giving your peace of mind.

How do I track the status of Attestation ?

We provide real time Attestation updates.  You need to have the tracking No and the registered email id to check the Attestation status.

Tracking Number will be shared at the time when collecting the documents.

How do I begin the Attestation process ?

Contact us and get all your queries cleared – If your document is in UAE we will send our messenger to collect your documents (outside UAE we will arrange DHL) –  we process your documents – we deliver your documents.

Documents required for Certificate Attestation ?

We require only the Original Certificate which requires Attestation and the passport copy of the candidate.


If passport copy of the candidate is not available (under process) then we might require any government ID.

Note – Certain document we don’t require the Original documents kindly contact our attestation experts in understanding such scenarios.

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When do I need Attestation? Where should I give my documents for Attestation?

Attestation is required for various reasons in UAE – When obtaining employment VISA, when sponsoring your family in UAE, At the time when admitting your wife at hospital for delivery, when enrolling your kids at school, At the time when applying Insurance for your family, internal and external promotion purpose, when pursuing higher education, to open a company account in UAE, when applying for VISA designation change and many more reasons certificates have to be attested.

It is important to hand over your certificate to licensed Attestation company in UAE.We Attestation experts can undertake legalization service right from step one which is collection of certificates until the time we hand over the documents.

REMEMBER, a wrong stamping in your original document can ruin your chances for lifetime. ACT SAFE!

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