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All you should know about attestation services in Dubai

Attestation in general is a form of official verification performed by an appointed authority on behalf of the government. It is required in order to perform any sort of legal paperwork and gives a document its legal enforceability, acceptability and execution. Attestation can be of different types:
1. State attestation: This form of attestation is required before Apostille attestation wherein the attestation from the concerned state department is needed according to the type of document. For example, for attestation of Education Certificates the verification by the Education department is necessary.

2. Apostille attestation: Apostille attestation is a type of attestation in which document legalization is executed in a particular format, which is acceptable to all the signatory nations to the Hauge convention. This attestation type is acceptable in 92 countries and mostly prevalent in western nations.

3. Embassy attestation: Embassy attestation is done after Apostille attestation. It is carried out by the embassy of the country in which the document needs to be executed or enforced.
However, UAE is not a member to the Hauge convention. In UAE, attestation of all documents indented for use within the country can be done without the need for Apostille attestation. Hence, in UAE, the documents need to be merely legalized through the concerned authority via a proper channel. In this kind of attestation, an Individual need not to be personally present at the time of verification/attestation, it can also be done through agents or professionals.
General Procedure for attestation of certificates for UAE
1. Notary Verification from the Home Country
2. Foreign Affairs Verification from Home Country
3. UAE Embassy verification from Home Country
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Verifications from UAE
Documents required for Certificate attestation for UAE
1. Original Document (from Issuing country)
2. Passport copy of the candidate
There can be different types documents for which attestation can be required such as:
• Education certificate attestations
• Document legalization
• Passport attestations
• Property paper attestations
• Visa attestation, etc.
All these attestation procedures differ from each other. They require you to possess specific knowledge of the local legal machinery followed by certain documental requirements, which you need to fulfill. Due to involvement of various steps for document attestation, it is quite a cumbersome process.

You have to apply to the concerned departments
For attestation, you would need to apply for attestation from the requisite department. For example if you need a family visa for a visit to Dubai, you would need to apply to the appropriate government authority and fulfill all the beaurocratic requirements for family visa. This process would be slow and time consuming and would cause a lot of heartburn to an individual in today’s fast-paced world.

How about approaching an attestation service provider?
Despite doing it all on your own and wasting too much time, it is better to divert such obligations to a company, which provides attestation services. Any such type of agency can help you with the attestation of your documents in lieu of fixed charges depending on the type of document. Hence, all you need is to search for the best service provider in this field and hand over your attestation hassles. Notably, Attestation On Time is a notable company in this regard as it helps you with all sorts of attestation services in Dubai with proficiency.

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