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Getting the Signature on a document in front of a Notary person provides satisfaction and belief to others that the particular person signed the document. Notary will not sign your document without your physical presence. Certain document we provide mobile Notary contact us for more details.

Notary confirms the Authenticity of signed document. Some of the common document which requires Notarization Are Power of Attorney, Driver’s License, Affidavits, Passport Copy, Company Documents, Education and Personal documents.


Steps Involved in Notarization-

This would be a general steps involved in notary process. Methods are slightly different depending upon each State.

Step – 1
Notary reviewing that the document is original. Notary will not certify copies of copies.

Step – 2
Notary using a white paper to copy the original document. (Colour copy cannot be used while completing the notary work) Without the Original document notary will not certify it as true Copy.

Step – 3
Notary using the Notarial certificate for making a certified copy. Notary can also use stamp (having notary certificate wording) on the copy.

Step – 4
Notary completing the Notarization

Notarization FAQ

Who is a Notary Person?

A person who is licensed by the government to witness different types of documents and signatures. Notary person should renew his license as per the expiry date.

What is the purpose of having a document Notarized?

Financial organisations, Judiciary system and certain banks often require documents to be Notarized for various reasons such as to open a bank account / to clear the bad debts / when opening a new firm in a new location and many more.

What would be the Notarization fee?

Fee depends upon the content of the documents. Some documents are free (only to known person) and some its chargeable. You can contact our attestation experts to receive free and instant quotes.

Note – Kindly share the document scan via email to review your document.

How do I notarize a Passport or other legal documents?

With the help of original Passport or the actual document which requires Notarization, you can approach us and we can get the passport copy Notarized.

Notary person will notarize it by mentioning it as TRUE COPY along with the Notary person seal/sign and stamp.

What is the validity of the Notary stamp?

It depends upon each document some its 1 month and some its 10 + years. This is absolutely up to the content what is written on the document.


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Document we Notarize-

Power of Attorney, Passport Copy, Written Statements, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Adoption deeds, Diploma’s, Birth & Marriage Certificates, Company documents and many more...

You can choose our service for Notarization for being the licensed Documents Clearing Company in UAE. Latest technology used to provide value added services to customers like live status updates, instant replies given to customers and many more makes us special. We take care of the entire documents clearance activities by giving you peace of mind.

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